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This 40x60mm silver-plated pendant is truly a unique piece of jewelry. Actually it’s really two pendants in one. One-way the cameo looks rather macabre, maybe a 3 dimensional beast, but when backlit (main picture) it reveals a secret image contained within. Dazzle your friends by showing them the image, then turn on the light. It will blow them away!

This form is called a Lithophane. A Lithophane is made by carving a opaque material at different depths producing areas of light and dark. When lit from behind it creates a lovely "sepia" tone 3D image.

The 40x60 silver-plated pendant is attached to a 11mm thick resin backlight with on-off switch. Also included is your choice of either a 2.5mm or 5mm 30-inch silver plated chain. Specify which one you want at checkout. Each pendant holds two batteries, which are included. A manual version (without a backlight) is also available.

I make them one at a time so order in advance as it takes several days to send it out.

Robert Pattinson Lighted Lithophane Pendant Necklace
Twilight Edward Lighted Lithophane Pendant
Silver Plate, Resin, Electronics