DB Artist - Pop Art - Crop Circle Reliefs and Prints -  Man Cave Signs

Brothers, Dean Caminiti and Brian Caminiti pursue their art in a wide diversity of media including print, wood and glass. Their work melds creativity with craftsmanship, forging new concepts from both unusual and traditional materials. Using their wide range of skills; Dean, having a background as a cabinetmaker, cinematographer, filmmaker, architectural illustrator and model maker, Brian, bringing his skills as a painter, cartoonist, sculptor and illustrator, they both continue to create uniquely definitive works of art.

Dean’s latest works entitled “Terrestrial Reliefs” are inspired by the stone reliefs of the ancient world (hieroglyphs and petroglyphs), the architectural detailing of Frank Lloyd Wright and the infamous extraterrestrial crop circle patterns. Each complex design expresses a sense of movement while the tactile surface of the relief invites the viewer’s touch.